The prime one among "the coder tricks".

They say I am a master of code reuse. Do not be afraid of me, nothing about OOP, classes and inheritance. Mastering code reuse today means simply to be able to escalate problems to your past code or to libraries and components written by others. In few words mastering code reuse is the ability to not reinvent the wheel every day... Reuse past examples is undoubtly a good quality to own and nevertheless a good RAD practice!

Here, in this website I offer some code you can browse and reuse like I recently did (Please be aware that the display of one and the other work on this website doesn't authorize you to reuse its related code without mentioning its origin or using it against its license agreement):


PHP Mailer (LGPL license)
Author: Brent Matzelle, Marcus Bointon, Andy Prevost and contributors
Tags: php, mailer, component

QR Code 2-D (LGPL license)
Author: Dominik Dzienia, Kentaro Fukuchi, Phil Karn
Tags: php, QR Code, generator

Capitan Cloud (GPL, BSD or MIT license accordingly)
Author: myself
Tags: github, opensource, code

Modern PHP (Fair use where permitted)
Author: Josh Lockhart
Tags: php, book

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming (Fair use where permitted)
Author: Larry Ullman
Tags: php, book


jQuery (MIT license)
Author: John Resig and contributors
Tags: javascript, framework

Bootstrap (MIT license)
Author: Mark Otto, Jacob Thornton and contributors
Tags: frontend, framework

jsSHA (BSD license)
Author: Brian Turek, Paul Johnston
Tags: javascript, encryption

js-htmlencode (MIT license)
Author: Chen Yi-Cyuan
Tags: javascript, library

serialize-javascript (BSD license)
Author: Yahoo and contributors
Tags: serialize, objects, JSON, drag-n-drop

SqueeJS (MIT license)
Author: myself
Tags: javascript, library


Tcl/tk documentation (BSD license)
Author: the Tcl community
Tags: doc, examples

Tcler's Wiki (BSD license)
Author: Various
Tags: articles, examples

Alited (MIT license)
Author: Alex Plotnikov
Tags: ide, editor